USPA A-D Licenses

A-D Licenses (Each)€25.00
* Note that if you are taking any Instructor Rating Course with us, we will be happy waive the fee for licenses.
* Also note that USPA charges $36 USD to issue a license. You must have a valid credit card.

USPA Coach Rating Course

Course Fee€300.00
Jump Tickets (4 tx – paid to DZ. approx. cost)€140.00
*Jump ticket prices differ depending on the dz the course is located is at.

USPA AFF Instructor Rating Course

Course Fee€750.00
Jump Tickets (20 tx – paid to DZ)€700.00
*Jump ticket prices differ depending on the dz the course is located at and the number of candidates on the course. Additional Candidates can split the cost of the evaluators jump tickets on the Category C two instructor jumps.
*A Course Fee discount of €50 applies for courses with 3-4 Candidates and a €100 discount for courses with 5 or more Candidates.

UPT & USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course

Course Fee€600.00
Jump Tickets (19 tx – paid to DZ)€570.00
Tandem Gear Hire (10 jumps)€400.00
Packing (optional – paid to Packer)€10.00/pack
*Jump ticket prices differ depending on the dz the course is located and are based on 10 tandem jumps, one being a solo.
*A course discount of €50 applies to each candidate on courses with 3 or more candidates.

Conversions to USPA Instructor Ratings

Fee for Conversion to USPA AFF Instructor Rating€250.00
Fee for Conversion to USPA Tandem Rating€250.00
Fee for Conversion to UPT Tandem Rating€250.00
*Please refer to the Licenses & Conversions page for the number of jumps required for each specific conversion in order to estimate the cost of jump tickets and gear hire.

USPA & UPT Processing Fees

*USPA and UPT charge their own processing fee for the ratings and licenses they issue. Please be prepared to pay the following to them via a valid credit card directly upon successful course completion and submission of paperwork.
USPA License Fee$36.00 USD
USPA Coach Rating Fee$45.00 USD
USPA AFF Instructor Rating Fee$60.00 USD
USPA Tandem Rating Fee$60.00 USD
UPT Tandem Rating Fee$50.00 USD

Note – all prices are excluding VAT.

Want us to come to your home DZ to conduct courses?

No problem, we love to travel!  Contact us here, email us at, or send us a message on Facebook detailing what course(s) you would like us to run, the potential dates you’re looking at, along with the approximate number of candidates attending and we will sort something out!  In some circumstances, if there’s 2 or more Candidates seeking ratings, it’s cheaper to bring us to you than it is for all the Candidates to travel to us.  The examiner course fees listed above are standard where ever we teach, the only extra will be our travel and accommodation fees which will be kept reasonable and are normally split among the candidates.  Please note that the DZ is required to be a current USPA registered foreign affiliate in order for us to do this.

Also, keep in mind that there are TWO of us!  Which means we can easily run two courses; a Coach and an AFF or Tandem Instructor Rating course at the same time!


Please send a transfers to the following account:

Name: Richelle Hall
Bank: N26 Bank
IBAN: DE83100110012620181526

Include in the description “(name) and payment for (………….) course”

The remaining course fees can either be sent to the same account before the course or paid in cash on the morning of the first day of the course.

Course Payments/Deposits