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Are you passionate about skydiving and dream of a career traveling the world doing something you love?   Worried about being able to obtain the necessary skills needed in order to do that?  Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

We, at Ratings 2 U, are excited to offer USPA Rating Courses that will take you from a skydiving weekend warrior and give you the skills necessary to start your very own professional skydiving career.

Start by earning your USPA Coach Rating, then progress your way up to your AFF and/or Tandem Instructor Ratings, all with us at Ratings 2 U!

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United States Parachute Association

Why USPA?  And why offer USPA Instructor Rating Courses in Europe?

Good question!  USPA is the largest and most recognized parachuting association in the world and the vast majority of countries acknowledge the USPA method of training and licensing system.  All of our rating courses strictly adhere to their outline and requirements and as a result, you are eligible to work anywhere in the world with these ratings.  Now, depending on the country, some may require you to do a crosscheck or a rating conversion, but this process is usually painless and easy to accomplish once you’ve already obtained these ratings.

Who we are, Where we are, and What we do???

We, at Ratings 2 U, are Skydive Instructor Examiners certified and trained through the United States Parachute Association (USPA).  We have studied and trained directly under some of the best known names in USPA’s teaching industry.  As the sport of skydiving has changed and evolved dramatically over the past 50 years, so have the methodologies of teaching, and we’re proud to say that we keep up-to-date and teach our candidates only the most current teaching methods available!  We are one of very few Skydive Instructor Schools fortunate enough to be able to offer USPA rating courses in Europe.  Skydiving is our passion and more so, training future instructors to be able to pass along the knowledge of this sport we all love to the next generation of skydivers in a safe, responsible and comprehensive manner is what we aim to do.

Whether you’re looking for a USPA Coach Rating, an AFF Instructor Rating and/or a USPA/UPT Tandem Rating, we are able to provide you with the extensive training you need to succeed as a Skydive Instructor.  We have worked with many different Candidates from all across the globe; from Canada, USA, Ireland, England, Portugal, Greece, Africa, Qatar, Jordan, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Russia to name a few.  If you’re worried about your level of English, don’t.  This is not a language course and we have plenty of experience working with people with other native languages.  We’ve got you covered!

Our home drop zones are Firebird Skydiving in Bitburg, Germany in the summer and Skydive Seven Algarve in Alvor, Portugal in the winter.  Most of our courses are conducted at these 2 drop zones, depending on the season.  You can view all of our upcoming courses on our Course Calendar page.  If none of the courses listed suit you, please send us a message as we have no problem setting up additional courses to try to accommodate all of our Candidates!

You are welcome to read more about the courses we offer following the links on our website here, and if you’d like to learn more about our individual backgrounds, please feel free to read all about us here!

If you’d like to inquire about having us come to your drop zone to conduct a course there, that’s also not a problem!  We’re happy to travel and we do so quite often.  Send us a message here, on Facebook or email us at info@ratings2u.com  with all the details and we’ll be happy to sort something out for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Blue skies until then,


Here’s what some of our canadidates have had to say about the courses they’ve taken through Ratings 2 U…

“Did my USPA AFFI course with Karl and I must say he is absolutely awesome! Course was arranged fast (He was in Denmark one week after I told him I needed the course), and with him teaching, the learning curve is steep!  Learned SO much and couldn’t be happier! 
Did my first live AFF yesterday :D” 

“A great atmosphere with a great team! Highly recommended. Thanks to everyone, but especially to Karl, Andy, and Richelle. Blueskies!! 


“Had a great experience at the coaches course! Karl and Richelle have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in teaching skydivers from beginners to professionals. After spending some time with them it becomes very clear that both are passionate about skydiving and go above and beyond to teach their students and create responsible skydivers. Even though some of the course material was challenging, Richelle was able to adapt her teaching style to fit the individual needs of each of the coach candidates to ensure we clearly understood the information and could apply it to teaching students. Each of us walked away with the confidence and skills needed to teach. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a coach!!” 


“Excellent AFF-Instructor course by Karl. Great communicator and teaching skills. I especially like how the course was structured with modules and the hand-outs, which supported the course content beautifully. I definitely know where to go for future ratings…” 


“I had an amazing time at Firebird with Ratings 2 U!!! Awesome team!!! Big thanks to my Coach Richelle for all the hard work you did with me and my AFF/Tandem Examiner Karl!!


“Karl is an awesome examiner! The AFF course was awesome ðŸ™‚ , really nice people! Hope to see you again guys! ðŸ™‚ “


“Great course and great people! The methods and the jumping are awesome. You are learning everything you need to learn and you have fun. Recommend 100%


“Had a awesome 3 days at Firebird with Richelle and Karl during my USPA Couch Course! Great team…tons of experience and knowledge!! Good discussions and break down of material with very detail instruction and feedback. I would recommend Ratings 2 U to anyone who is looking to be a USPA Couch! Blue Skies” 

“!!! Great Examiner !!!
I want to thank Karl Wade and Rating2u for my USPA AFF, Tandem and UPT Σigma trainings/certifications. He gives a lot of video feedback and discusses many accidents/success cases throughout Tandem and AFF history. He makes sure that in the end you leave the course a responsible instructor (more than what you expected initially). And if there is a language barrier, he adapts to you and makes sure you understood everything ðŸ™‚
Big thanks Karl,
Safety first, fun and blue skies”
“Amazing week with all the team!
I learned a lot from Karl and Richelle during this course.  They are very professional and very kind!
Thank you very much to all the team and see you soon!” 

“I learned so much, Karl is a unbelivably good examiner both in the air and on the ground. Thanks a lot to the whole team (incl. Lucky) for the great time in Bitburg!!!” 


“Great time and great experience! Richelle broke it down for each candidate and paid attention to each and every student. I feel confident and ready to teach!



Please feel free to contact us!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and/or to set up a course of your own!

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